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She is wearing round diamond solitaire necklace

Necklace Size Guide

How To Measure Necklace Length?

When it comes to shopping online or replacing jewelry, measuring your necklace length at home is a simple but important task. Start by placing the necklace on a smooth surface and use a flexible measuring tape to determine its length. If a measuring tape is not available, you can use a piece of wire or tape as an alternative. Gently straighten and measure the necklace at the inner end, and tie the loop or string to ensure a perfect fit. For a necklace clip, be sure to include the hooks in your measurements for a perfect fit. Your familiar neck length matches well with the clothes you wear and makes for a luxurious wearing experience.

Necklace Length Guide

Body Placement

14"- Collar: wraps around the neck
16"- Choker : against the base of neck
17"-18" - Princess: against the collar bone
20"-24" - Matinee: The neckline varies in location from the collarbone to the top of the bust, depending on height and neck length.
28"–36"—opera: At the level of, or slightly below the bust.
36"-42" - Rope : wraps to sit at slightly below the bust.

Which One Do you Choose?

Toi-et-moi necklace


Solitaire necklace

Solitaire Necklace

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