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10th anniversary gift ideas

10th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

The decade, or 10 years, is a significant cycle that needs to be marked in a special way, and what better way is there than through a unique gift? One fantastic way to mark this occasion is by upgrading your engagement ring. Whether enhancing the amount of glitter, changing the setting, or including a new type, enhancing an engagement ring can revitalize your jewelry and give it a totally new outlook. Below is a list of creative and meaningful recommendations for upgrading your engagement ring that you can easily achieve with the help of Earth Shine Jewels.

Key Takeaways

  1. Find out how you can make your engagement ring look newer, better, and more attractive.
  2. Read about how to add engravings, birthstones, and other designs to the upgraded ring.
  3. Learn the best time to upgrade your engagement ring, the approximate cost of the procedure, and what factors to pay attention to.

Why upgrade your engagement ring?

Upgrading your engagement ring is not just about changing the looks; it is a testament to the evolution of a couple within the decade of your togetherness. Fashions with jewelry changes and upgrades can depict modern trends that suit your preferences in the current world. Personal engravings or extra gems also serve to enhance the sentimental value of the ring, making this piece even more valuable. Wearing an improved ring helps one remember the moments they have shared together and what is to come.

What are the top ideas Of Upgrading Engagement Rings?

1. Add Side Stones

Adding more stones on the sides improves the aesthetics of the engagement ring and directs focus on the central gemstone. Additional stones like diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, or other extravagant gemstones can flank the central gem and enhance the radiance of the ring. For a more refined look and glamour, try options such as three-stone or halo settings. The extra stones not only bring beauty to the ring but also symbolically represent the multifaceted layers of the experiences and memories that have been accumulated over the years.

2. Change the Metal

Changing the metal of the engagement ring can also be a good idea because it gives the ring a new look. Some of the options include platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Every metal has its own special allure and can transform the look of a ring quite drastically. It is also possible to mix metals for a more contemporary look, depending on the design you are going for.

3. Upgrade the Center Stone

Changing the center stone of the engagement ring is a daring approach to commemorating your 10th anniversary. One may want to consider selecting a larger diamond as an addition or selecting better clarity or color to make the ring sparkle. For a more personal touch, the diamond can be replaced with a color gemstone of your choice that is special to you. This upgrade not only adds value to the ring but also shows the development and complexity of a relationship, as well as a perfect and long-lasting future.




Hardness (Mohs Scale)



Eternal love, strength, and purity




Wisdom, loyalty, and nobility




Hope, renewal, growth




Passion, protection, prosperity




Calmness, clarity, spirituality



Light Blue

Tranquility, courage, communication




Affection, intelligence, strength




Creativity, inspiration, originality


4. Add an Engraving

They can make your ring even more special by adding an engraving of some kind on the metal. Personal events can be engraved, and this includes special dates like your wedding date or the date of your 10th anniversary, and this makes the ring even more special. It is also possible to carve out a personal message, proverb, or quote, making it a surprise message of love between you and your partner. This small but distinct change allows your ring to become sentimental and tells a story that is dear to you.

5. Change the Setting

Changing the setting of the engagement can give the ring a whole new look. Fringe settings give a traditional and refined appearance, whereas the bezel setting gives a contemporary and sturdy design. Pavé settings enhance the beauty, with tiny diamonds placed along the band to make it look dazzling. Switching between the ring surfaces not only alters the aesthetic look of the ring but also improves its strength and protection. This is a plus since it provides you an opportunity to set the diamond ring closer to your standards, which is a true reflection of commitment.

6. Add a Matching Band

Pairing your upgraded engagement ring with a matching band from Earth Shine Jewels can create a harmonious and complete look. A matching band can accompany the elevated ring and add a measure of elegance. Regardless of whether you select a thin and delicate band for your engagement ring or one surrounded by diamonds or any other precious stone, the two bands complement each other perfectly to make a stunning pair.

7. Incorporate Birthstones

Birthstones are another addition that you can consider to enhance your engagement ring upgrade further. The birthstones are associated with the birth month of you and your partner, and adding them to the arrangement of the ring also signifies unity. They can be used as accent stones, set into the shank, or the center stone can be replaced by a Birthstone. However, this upgrade brings color and personality into the ring and gives it a personality that represents your love story.

8. Opt for a Vintage Design

Selecting a vintage style for your engagement ring upgrade can enrich the piece with a sense of sophistication and timelessness. Old markings on the ring include engraving, filigree, and other small intricate designs on the band and setting, which lend it an antique look. In the current model, Earth Shine Jewels has a range of styles that resemble classic jewelry styles that can be ordered according to one’s preference. There is no doubt that this upgrade indeed beautifies the ring while also giving it a nostalgic and romantic touch.


Changing your engagement ring for a new one to mark your 10th anniversary is one of the most romantic things that could happen. It is interesting whether you decide to set stones on the side, change the type of metal, or design the ring from scratch — each upgrade gives new meaning to an already precious symbol of your love. If you need to celebrate your love and seal your commitment, use the tips provided by Earth Shine Jewels and create a special ring.


1. How much does it cost to upgrade an engagement ring?
The cost depends on the type of upgrade to be done.

2. How long does it take to upgrade an engagement ring?
Duration, again, is relative to the modifications that require implementation.

3. Can I keep the original design elements in the upgrade?
Indeed, many of the upgrades don’t always require the removal or alteration of the original features of the design.

4. What should I consider when upgrading my engagement ring?
Personal taste, meaning, and the amount of money available for the upgrade are crucial.

5. Is it better to upgrade the engagement ring or buy a new one?
Upgrading keeps merchandise close to heart; buying new provides another option.